Success Stories

Pioneer of the prelusive...




• Established with 100% Turkish capital .

• It’s mission is bringing fiscally approved platforms that can be audited over Ip based communication networks and manageable information technologies all around the financial world in to the common operation in Turkey.

• It manages VERA branded Cash Registry and Payment system products’ process from R&D to production and delivery to the warehouses in boxes.

A hundred Persent Customer Satisfaction...


• Serves with 400 exclusive dealer organizatiın across Turkey. The dealers also serve as service.

• It is the company that receives VERA branded Cash Registry and Payment system products from the warehouse, plans CRM services, starts and manages their marketing and sales operation.

• Prioritizing customer satisfaction, the company develops strategic business partneships with Turkey’s leading corporations and with approximately 50 field staff, it brings VERA branded products with the taxpayer through dealers.