Our respectable business partners and valuable members of VERA family, As MT Group, we feel right proud of globally leading a new way that will be a pioneer of New Generation.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”. We have left world’s giants behind in this project where we moved forward with our logic after a dream.

After our two cash register models which proved their market superiority, the new member of our family, VERA DELTA has become the very first EFT POS featured mobile cash register of the world as a result of an R&D process which was performed with particularity and a hundred percent domestic resources and engineering in a period more than 4 years. Furthermore it manages to become the first T.R. Revenue Administration approved new generation OKC after a long and onerous journey.

Serving ten thousands of businesses across Turkey, VERA DELTA has become a source of hope for all industries with its unique architectural and value added solutions.

In the same time, it has attributed an effective function in fighting informal economy thus makes an important contribution to the country’s economics.

The success that we achieved as a result of this modest contribution that we made our promising country’s economic and technological targets is our source of inspiration and courage for the bigger projects which we plan to perform in the near future.

I would like to thank to our respectable business partners and my valuable colleagues for their belief, determination and cooperation that they showed in all phases of the project and wish our work to be advantageous and fortunate for our nation.