VERA 360 is a main formation which develops, particularly plans and applies New Generation OKC Sales and Payment Systems.

VERA 360 stands in the focus of its self-created ecosystem with its services.
New Generation;

• Research in technological dimension,
• Production,
• CRM creating,
• Marketing,
• Providing after sales services and
• Perform process of training activities are included within the system context.

VERA 360 targets to offer high value added solutions to country’s economy and people.

Organized in order to provide installation and after installation services with 291 dealers and technical maintenance services.


Central Support Team is organized to provide 24/7 VIP support service and includes competent specialists.


Provides 24/7 support service in all required situations.


TSM- Services as a Reliable Service Provider. It is the terminal management system (TSM) that is used for managing the new generation ÖKCs, updating software, uploading parameters and communicating the GIB Center. It enables to remotely upload of all software, updates and Bank Applications in compliance with the safety criteria.

It is a Disaster Management System where all data over CRM is stored and the same data is backed up in a location that is a second alternative of the current location and thus the uninterrupted and secure service submission is guaranteed.

It is the program that serves to develop project partnerships which can provide added value to the device. In this context, industrial solutions are created by cooperating with companies which develops industry oriented exclusive software solutions. Thus, it is enabled to develop win – win projects for all industries.

A platform where there are banking and/ or industrial applications and services for the device and the customer can make purchases. The customer can see the services and applications he/she may need and use the most appropriate solutions by this platform. These service and applications are consist of products that are in MT Information Technologies or included with its Partner Program.

Targeting to train competent team mates who knows MT Group and VERA culture, manages time well, knows how to teamwork, identifies the process and well-supported with the required technical knowledge, VERA Academy puts emphasis on professional knowledge and personal development. VERA Academy where technical trainings are organized for all brands of MT Group, also serves for VERA Dealers and Technical Services in terms of training and organizations. The trainings are organized ad online and/or classical and have the ability to bring internal and external customers together.